Urban Garden

Easy to Grow Urban Garden

Our hydroponic system means you can quickly grow fresh and healthy produce in your urban garden. Whether you have ample outdoor space with no soil or an available room inside, our system comes in various sizes so you can select one to suit your requirements. Our herb table is lightweight, portable and administers the right amount of essential nutrients so your plants can thrive.

Tips Regarding an Urban Herb Garden

Consider our tips below for growing herbs.

  • Grow in the ideal location: Ensure that your herbs receive plenty of light. They need up to six hours of light per day and some time in the shade. If natural sunlight is not possible, you can grow an indoor urban garden with LED or HID lights. Your herbs will also benefit from being rotated to ensure that every aspect of the plant receives some light. Our hydroponic tables make growing herbs easy as they are portable so you can move them into the sun when outdoors or set them up in a free room inside.
  • Use a vertical garden: If you have limited space, the vertical herb garden is ideal. Our hydroponic system is available as a space-saving vertical Salad Table that is suitable for small outdoor areas, patios, balconies and apartment units. This space-efficient table is a simple, fast and clean method for growing herbs and plants.
  • Grow herbs indoors: By growing your plants indoors, you will protect your herbs from being attacked by unwanted insects and pests. You can also grow plants all year round without the worry of not enough sunlight or frost preventing your herbs from thriving.

Related Services We Provide to an Urban Hydroponic Garden

We provide a quality product and excellent customer service, which include:

  • Nutrient packs and grow cubes: Our nutrient packs help you cultivate fresh and healthy produce as you will administer the right amount of essential elements for your plants. Our specially formulated product only uses natural ingredients that plants would naturally absorb from the ground, and our instructions are easy to follow.
  • Free delivery: We currently offer free delivery to many Australian regions, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Knowledge and tips to help your plants thrive: We have years of experience growing plants and developing our hydroponic system so that it yields quality produce. Our tables come with helpful instructions, tips and guidelines for effortlessly growing plants and we freely share our garden knowledge on our blog so that you can get the most out of your plants.

Why Should You Use The Salad Table?

Our system is designed to help everyone grow fresh and healthy produce regardless of your gardening experience or available space. We take away the stress and hassle of tending to a soil garden, providing your plants with the right nutrients or fretting that your seedlings aren’t getting enough sunlight. Our hydroponic system is custom-built in Australia and designed to grow high-quality herbs, vegetables and plants. We stand by our products and even use The Salad Table to raise our own produce. Contact us today to place your order and get started on your urban garden.