The Salad Table

The Easiest Way to Grow Fresh Herbs and Veggies At Home

2 x Faster Than Soil Gardens

How it Works

  • Choose A Salad Table

    Whether you're a beginner or seasoned gardener, an apartment-dweller or country farmer - we have a Salad Table that suits your needs.

  • Plant Your Seeds

    Perfect for herbs, greens and veggies. We have a classic pack to get you started, or you can choose your own adventure!

  • Grow Your Produce

    Our Salad Tables grow herbs and veggies 4 x faster than in soil! Enjoy a beautiful fresh harvest in next to no time.

  • Enjoy Your Harvest!

    Feel the benefits of nutrient-rich, pesticide-free, natural and delicious produce. Life is better with a Salad Table!

No Green Thumb Required

Convenience is key! Grow herbs, veggies, and vine crops wherever you live. No weeds, no bending, and no toxic chemicals. It's a simple way to grow!

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Why choose The Salad Table?

  • Grow Anywhere

    Our range suits almost any space. High-rise, balconies, yards big and small.

  • Save Money

    Always big, always fresh, and always cheap. Costs less than 40 cents!

  • Simple

    No bending. No weeds. No nasty chemicals. We supply everything to start growing now.

  • No.1 Choice

    Outstanding growing results. Simple planting and harvesting.

Customer Reviews

Our Salad Table is exploding with greenery at a very rapid pace! Daily we are getting lettuce, tomatoes, chilies, and herbs from it. Plus, there are some green beans on the way.

Lauren from NSW

Today’s pickings from our Salad Table. We have not purchased lettuce, cucumbers, herbs, beans, zucchini strawberries, spinach, and much more for ages. We purchased a Salad Table over 18 months ago and this year we bought the vine table!

Deborah from Hunter Valley

Homegrown goodness! An abundance of these tomatoes at the moment. Roasted some with dinner tonight and they were great! ūüćÖ

Jeff from Woollongong

I absolutely love The Salad Table. It's such a convenient way to grow fresh veggies right in my own home. The compact design fits perfectly in my kitchen, and I can easily monitor the growth of my plants. The salad I make with the homegrown veggies is incredibly flavourful and nutritious. Highly recommended!

Sarah P

I've always wanted to grow my own vegetables, but I never had the time or space for a traditional garden. The Salad Table has made it possible for me to fulfill that dream. I love the convenience of having fresh food available always.

Emily A.

As someone who lives in an apartment with limited outdoor space, The Salad Table has been a game-changer for me. I can finally enjoy the satisfaction of growing my own food. The Salad Table is easy to set up and maintain, and the vegetables it produces are absolutely delicious.

Sara T.

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