Why You Should Grow Your Own Produce

Why You Should Grow Your Own Produce

It may seem easier to continue purchasing your produce from grocery stores, but there are many amazing benefits associated with starting your own garden and growing your own produce.

Let’s break down the benefits of growing your own organic produce. 

Know What You’re Eating

When you buy fruit and vegetables from the grocery store you are taking a chance on the quality. If you buy from stores then you can never be sure what chemicals have been used to grow them, how long they have been in storage, or what they’ve been exposed to.

By starting your own vegetable garden you can take complete control over what you put in your body. A high level of freshness is guaranteed and you can ensure that you and your family never eat produce that’s laced with harmful chemicals such as pesticides again. You will also know exactly what has been grown and stored, so there will be no chance for cross contamination.

You will always have peace of mind that your fresh produce is grown in a safe chemical-free environment. 

Less Waste 

Relying on grocery stores for your fresh produce creates high levels of waste. When you shop in a store you can tend to over-purchase as you may not know exactly when your next shop will be, or you forget what you have at home so you buy more of the same thing. This creates food waste as much of the produce will rot or wilt before you get a chance to eat it all. With the Salad table you are always guaranteed fresh produce.

Shopping in stores can also increase the plastic waste you are creating, as many products are prepackaged or if not you will likely put your selection in a plastic bag anyway for ease of transport. 

Growing your own food can reduce the amount of food and plastic waste you are generating. You can grow just the amount of each food that you need and only harvest it as necessary, so your food won’t be forgotten and rot in the back of your refrigerator. Home gardens also don’t require any plastic; you can use a reusable basket or bowl to carry your produce from your Salad Table to your dining table, so no need for plastic bags or packaging. 

Save Money

Grocery stores and even markets are subject to inflation and you are paying for more than just the food, you are also paying for the transport, storage and service. When you grow your own vegetables all you have to pay for is the set up (which is once off), the seeds, the nutrients and the water. While this also seems like a lot, it is much cheaper in the long run. 

While you could be paying up to $10 for a single cabbage in some stores, you can grow your own for less than 40c once you’re set up. With our hydroponic setups you will also use 90% less water than a soil garden does.  

The savings you’ll make from starting your own will be well worth the time and effort.

Improves Health

Gardening is highly beneficial for your mental and physical health for many reasons.

Getting outside and breathing in the fresh air can be really good for your mental and physical health, especially if you have plants helping to clean the air. Gardening is also a great mindfulness activity as it can help soothe your mind and help you destress.

Many gardeners say it’s beneficial for you to speak to your plants, this is a great practice for both yourself and your plants, as it allows you to get things off your mind and it is said to encourage growth. 

Gardening can also help you get active which will help improve your endurance, strength, mobility and flexibility over time. Even with our easy to use Salad Tables which require little energy, you will get your blood pumping a little. 

As well as the many benefits associated with being outside, growing your own produce is also likely to encourage you to eat healthier meals. This will in turn make you feel better than ever. 

Freshest Possible

You will never be able to beat the freshness of home grown produce. No matter what the grocery stores or markets tell you, the produce you purchase from them will always be at minimum a day old. 

Whereas, if you grow your own produce you can eat it straight off the plant and cook with it within minutes of harvesting.

Great Way to Spend Time with Family

Getting outside is great for the whole family, but it can be hard to come up with new and fun activities to keep yourself and your children occupied. Gardening is a great way to solve this dilemma. You will have a daily chore - that doesn’t feel like a chore at all - to give your kids a reason to put down the video game controllers and get some fresh air. 

Gardening will also help you teach your children about the importance of healthy eating and where their food comes from. As well as this they will also improve their fine motor skills and it will encourage them to be more environmentally responsible. 

Nothing will top the pride you all feel when you are able to harvest your crops and serve them up for dinner. This is sure to feel good for everyone, especially your children as they will have a sense of accomplishment. 

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