Here's what our Salad Table Owners have to say


Money well spent. Endless supply of salad, right outside my kitchen. No back breaking tasks. Thank you.

Corazon - Sydney
The Vine Salad Table

I have planted a wide variety of vegetables including mizuna, mibana, wombok, cabbage, pak choy, choy sum, rocket, kale, herbs, spinach perpetual gator, silverbeet, tasai, amaranth, Chinese celery, bunching onion, gai choi, capsicum, tomato etc.

Cathy - Brisbane
52 Plant with Trellis

Everything except the lemon all grown on The Salad Table! Perfect to go with tonight’s BBQ dinner!

Jo - NSW South Coast
52 Plant with Trellis

Our salad table is exploding with greenery at a very rapid pace! Daily we are getting lettuce, tomatoes, chillies and herbs from it. There's some green beans on the way.

Lauren - NSW Central Coast
52 Plant with Trellis

I Love that I can move the plants around if they’re not doing so well where they were. Now to save up for another one😜

Alice - Melbourne
VerTable 36

Homegrown goodness! An abundance of these tomatoes at the moment. Roasted some with dinner tonight and they were great! 🍅

Jeff - Woolongong
The Vine Salad Table

Today’s pickings from our salad 🥗 table. We have not purchased lettuce, cucumbers, herbs, beans, zucchini strawberries, spinach and much more for ages. We purchased a salad table 0ver 18 months ago and this year we bought the vine table. Our neighbours love it too

Deborah - Hunter Valley
The Vine Salad Table

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