12 Layer Mini Salad Tower + Free 2L Nutrient

Thinking of starting own vegetable or herb garden and not sure where to start? The 12 layer Plant Hydroponic Salad Table is all in one solution and provides everything you need to start growing your garden. Reduce water consumption by up to 90% when compared to standard garden soil.

12 Layer Mini Salad Tower + Free 2L Nutrient (1L of Type A + 1L of Type B)

Massive 48 plant space capacity

Grow fresh herbs and veggies all year round. The round Vertical design allows you to place younger more fragile plants on the shaded side and move them to the sunnier side when healthy and ready.

Reduce water consumption by up to 90%

The fully recirculating system means the water is continuously recaptured and recirculated to the plants. Meaning that you can save up to 90% compared to soil gardening. 

Everything Included:

  • 30L Nutrient Water Tank
  • Complete Plumbing Kit 
  • Efficient Water Pump
  • 48 Seedling Baskets
  • 100 Foam Cubes 

Simple DIY Installation

Setting up the salad tower has never been easier. Simply follow our easy DIY setup guide here.

Optional LED Light kit 

Allows for plants to be grown in low light conditions. Perfect for city locations that get limited light throughout the day. 

Compact & space saving design

The vertical height of the Tower makes it much more suited to smaller indoor areas such as balconies, patios & high-rises. Perfect for city residents where space comes at a premium.  

Slick Modern Design,

Look fantastic in or around the house.

Rotating Frame

The rotating frame allows you to easily rotate the garden tower in the direction of the sun, allowing you to easily protect more sensitive plants and expose more sunlight hungry plants.

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