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The Salad Table 2L Nutrient Pack

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    The Salad Table 2L Nutrient Pack

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    Unlock the Green Magic with Our Hydroponic Plant Food Bundle!

    Discover the ultimate solution for your hydroponic garden with our Salad Table Nutrient bundles. Say goodbye to multiple products and hello to thriving, faster-growing plants. This is your all-in-one, go-to hydroponic plant food!

    What's Included:

    🌱 2L Nutrient Complete Kit
    Dive into the world of hydroponics with this complete kit.
    Contains 2 Small Containers (1L each) filled with 250g of Nutrients in each.
    Produces a whopping 400 litres of usable nutrient.

    Why Choose Our Salad Table Nutrient:
    Our Salad Table Nutrient is the secret to incredible plant growth. Packed with essential elements, it's the perfect recipe for thriving plants in any environment. It delivers a balanced, direct-to-the-root boost, ensuring your plants not only survive but flourish. With this nutrient, your plants will grow up to twice as fast as traditional soil gardens.

    Reusable and Convenient Containers:
    Our specially designed containers are built to last and can be used repeatedly. Plus, they come with a handy measuring cup on the lid, ensuring precise and consistent plant feeding every time.

    Easy Application:
    Achieve the perfect mix with an application rate of 2.5ml of A and 2.5ml of B per 1 litre of water. Detailed instructions are conveniently printed on the Nutrient and Containers for your convenience.

    Suitable for All Hydroponic Systems:
    Our Nutrient is compatible with any hydroponic system, making it the versatile choice for all your gardening needs.

    Unleash the power of our Salad Table Nutrient and witness the remarkable difference in your hydroponic garden. Elevate your plant growth experience today!


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